Paris (75016)

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Built in 1973, l1ve’s redevelopment has been led by the architects Baumschlager Eberle Architekten in line with an ambitious and groundbreaking circular economy approach at the heart of Paris. For instance, more than 81 tons of materials have been reused, making it possible to save 394 tons of CO2 emissions.


On the major Concorde, Place de l'Étoile, Grande Armée and La Défense corridor, this 33,500 sq.m building stands out through its architecture and the quality of its spaces: retaining the monumental structure of its vast ground-floor gallery and its facade with its standout motif, this is a unique building in Paris.


In 2022, l1ve welcomed Boston Consulting Group’s French headquarters. Two years before the building is scheduled to be delivered, this prestigious consultancy has agreed to lease 80% of the premises, with 20,500 sq.m of office space and 3,000 sq.m of services.


In 2020, l1ve won the Best Futura Project category at the MIPIM Awards



75 avenue de la Grande Armée,  75016  Paris
33 434
Baumschlager Eberle
HQE Rénovation