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The Group is sound, its governance is stable. Participate in our growth.

Why become a shareholder of Gecina?


By becoming a shareholder of Gecina, you will become the partner of the leading office real estate company in Europe, with a balanced and sustainable growth model, backed up by a strategy of innovation at the service of the needs of its clients and new societal and environmental issues.

Becoming a Gecina shareholder means embarking on a quality relationship with a dedicated team, it also means participating in the dynamics of a collective mobilized around our relational brand YouFirst.



How to become a shareholder?


Three types of registered holding are possible:

- bearer: shares are registered only on the securities accounts of the financial intermediary of your choice

- administered registered shares: the securities are recorded in the accounts of the issuing company but kept at the financial intermediary of the shareholder who manages them;

- pure registered shares: the securities are registered directly and solely in the accounts of the issuing company, which allows it to ensure a personalized service.

In this last case, our Securities & Stock Market Service is the only point of contact for all transactions. 

At any time, Group shares held as administered registered shares and bearer registred shares can be transferred to pure registered shares. 

All that is required is to complete a registration request form for Gecina pure registered shares and to send it to the financial intermediary holding the account.

The Gecina Securities & Stock Market Service will send in return a certificate of registration in the account.

Account holding

Account opening

The opening of the pure registered share account can be carried out directly with the Gecina Securities & Stock Market Service:

- Either as a result of the execution of a purchase order with Gecina Securities & Stock Market Service by completing and returning the “stock market order” form.

In the case of a first acquisition, the “stock market order” form should be accompanied by the Securities Account Agreement held in pure registered form completed (in duplicate) with the supporting documents required.

- Or, after a transfer at the owner's request to this intermediary who maintains securities accounts.

In this case, the Securities Account Agreement held in pure registered form will be addressed to the shareholder with the certificate of registration in pure registered form and must be returned promptly, accompanied by the supporting documents, to the Securities & Stock Market Service.

Operation of the account

Each holder or person authorized to operate the account receives, in addition to the mandatory tax information and/or forms:

- After each transaction, an interim statement indicating the new balance of the account;

- At the beginning of the year,

  • A statement of account at December 31 of the previous year;
  • The calculation of capital gain or loss, at the request of the holder;
  • If all the securities sold come from a purchase order executed by the Gecina Securities & Stock Market Service;
  • Or if the holder has communicated to the Gecina Securities & Stock Market Service the cost price of the securities during their transfer from another institution.

Trading on the stock market

The Gecina Securities & Stock Market Service – according to the conditions and limits specified below – is responsible for having purchase and sale orders executed by an authorized financial intermediary.

The originator is informed of the execution of his/her transaction via a transaction statement and the payments are carried out directly with this financial intermediary:

  • on the third business day following the execution of the order, if it is a cash transaction;
  • at the end of the stock market month, if it is a transaction carried out in the framework of the Deferred Settlement Service (SRD)

Successions, Donations

There is no difference in treatment of the rights of succession between the bearer and registered securities. The Gecina Securities & Stock Market Service executes the instructions of the notary in charge of the estate. The transfer of property is carried out in a very short time in the light of the documentary evidence necessary to authenticate the act (certificate of ownership, declaration of manual donation, etc.). The execution of these formalities and associated costs of correspondence are entirely free of charge.

Payment of dividends

The payment of dividends in cash is done directly, without any charge, as of the payment issue date. To this effect, it is necessary to send a bank or postal identity statement (RIB, RIP) to the Gecina Securities & Stock Market Service.

Securities transactions

All securities transactions (payment of dividend, division of the nominal, etc.) give rise to customized information. The processing of these transactions and the establishment of the certification of registration in the securities account are performed immediately and at no charge.

Annual tax return

The Gecina Securities & Stock Market Service sends a printed summary indicating in particular the amount of the dividends received and the amount of disposals during the year.


Since October 21, 2011, the Finance Act of 2012 removes the possibility of placing the shares of listed real estate investment companies (SIIC) and investment corporations predominately in real estate with variable capital (SPPICAV) in a share savings plan (PEA) and therefore of benefiting in this respect from exemption from income tax on the dividends distributed.

The SIIC shares contained in a PEA at October 21, 2011, the day of the adoption of this provision, can remain there. The SIIC shares remaining in the PEA will continue to benefit from exemptions applicable to securities held in a PEA, both for dividends and for their capital gains.

The orders


The Gecina share is traded on the Euronext Paris market - Sub-Fund A under the ISIN code FR0010040865 and the mnemonic code GFC.

It is eligible for Deferred Settlement Service (SRD). It is part of CAC Next 20, CAC Large 60 and SBF 120 indexes.

It is listed continuously throughout the duration of the opening hours of the market, from 9 AM to 5.30 PM.

Definition of stock market orders

Only the transmission of firm purchase and sale orders is accepted. Short sale orders (sale in cash settlement of securities purchased in SRD) are not accepted.

Any stock market order, to be valid, must clearly indicate:

  • the payment terms, in cash or in SRD;
  • the direction of the transaction, purchase or sale;
  • the number of securities to buy or sell;
  • the agreed price (according to the modalities described in the paragraph below);
  • the duration of order validity. The originator has the possibility of specifying a validity date: this day, month or from such to such date. Otherwise, the orders in cash are valid until the end of the day and the orders in .


Different types of stock market orders may be given:

  • The “limit” orders: the maximum purchase price or the minimum sale price is specified by the originator. This very classic order allows the price wanted to be set, but its execution may be partial or take time depending on the price chosen and the evolution of the stock exchange prices. In the case of successive partial executions, each fraction of execution entails brokerage fees.
  • The best limit order, called “the best” or “at market price”. It is an order without specified price limit. Its management mode automatically transforms it into a “limit” order; the price chosen being the opening price if the order is submitted upon opening, or that of the best offer or the best request if it is presented in the course of a session. This is not a priority order and it may also be the subject of partial executions.

Receipt and transmission of stock market orders

The purchase or sale orders (form available by clicking here) can be addressed to the Gecina Securities & Stock Market Service:

  • by mail: Gecina Securities & Stock Market Service, 16, rue des Capucines - 75084 Paris Cedex 02;
  • by fax: 33 (0) 1 40 40 64 81;
  • by telephone: two dedicated numbers, 33 (0) 1 40 40 50 79 and 33 (0) 1 40 40 65 47 (in this case, a written confirmation is still requested);
  • by e-mail: titres&


The purchase or sale orders received by the Gecina Securities & Stock Market Service before 5.15 PM are executed on the same day.

An order arriving around 5.15 PM, and which could not be executed before the closure of the Stock Market, is automatically carried over to the next session, unless instructed otherwise.

The relations between the originator whose shares are held in pure registered form and the financial intermediary is carried out exclusively via the Gecina Securities & Stock Market Service.

Joint ownership (co-ownership and undivided ownership)

Purchase and sale orders concerning this type of account must be transmitted in writing and signed by all co-holders, unless expressly mandated by one of them.


The payments are made for the net amount appearing on the transaction notice:

  • for purchases, by transfer issued by the buyer payable to the financial intermediary of Gecina;
  • for sales, by transfer issued by this intermediary to the seller (remember to send an RIB or RIP to this effect to Gecina Securities & Stock Market Service).


Brokerage fees

As of January 1, 2023 they represent 0.20% after taxes of the gross amount of the transaction with a minimum of €7 after taxes per order.

Free holding rights and management fees

The shareholder does not pay for the holding rights nor management fees for the shares held in pure registered form.

Financial Transaction Tax

The amended Finance Law for 2012 has introduced a tax on the acquisitions of capital shares or similar securities called a “Financial Transaction Tax”. It took effect on August 1, 2012 and is applicable to companies whose headquarters are located in France and whose market capitalization at January 1 exceeds one billion euros. The Gecina share is subject to this FTT.