Workplace equality

We express our commitment to inclusion daily with tangible actions.

Our priority: workplace equality

We actively promote diversity and equal opportunities. Our human resources policy, which is both social and societal, is shared and driven by our 500 employees, 59% of whom are women. A team spirit that allows employees to work together while developing their own talents.

Our commitments in figures

The effectiveness of our workplace equality policy is recognized, and is attested by our actions.

2022 gender pay equality index in detail

Equal Pay 2022


Promoting diversity


Our commitments are more than just talk. We wanted to make them official, by signing:


  • The Diversity Charter in 2011



Persons with disabilities 


We work together to fight discrimination. We go further than regulatory requirements to encourage the employment of persons with disabilities.

At December 31, 2022


  • 6,3% of our employees have a disability, (new calculation according to the OETH reform) more than the mandatory 6%
  • €350,000 were allocated to the protected and disability-friendly sector
  • Our employees are able to extend their commitment through corporate-Foundation actions in support of persons with disabilities



Employing the young and seniors


We believe in inter-generational dialog and cooperation in the workplace.

At December 31, 2022


  • 11% of our hires aged under 26 have permanent contracts
  • 17,4 % of our employees over 55 benefit from adjusted working hours