How we support art and culture

We exhibit works of art in historical and contemporary buildings that showcase our assets.

Working with artists for a more beautiful and more populous city


Our portfolio development focuses on architecture, innovation and creativity. We are key players in urban life, and this responsibility drives our ambition. We therefore call on great French and international names in architecture, as a guarantee of quality and innovation. Incorporating works of art into our assets enhances the elegance and personality of our buildings. We are thus committed to giving meaning to our creations, while preserving everything of value. We seamlessly reconcile the short and long term, and contribute to users' wellbeing in a responsible way.

We are one of the founding members of "Un immeuble, une œuvre" [One building, one work of art] program developed by the Ministry of Culture and Communication.


The promotion of contemporary works


We have built up a collection of contemporary works of art which we are promoting by permanently exhibiting them in our buildings and by organizing pop-up exhibitions to showcase those in development.

Some of these works are designed specifically for the premises that will host them. We call on artists whose style best reflects the architect's vision as well as our commitments.

Iconic works

Bébé Cadum (Cadum Baby)


This work illustrates the style of advertising in Paris at the turn of the last century, the Cadum Baby being the restored version of the one imagined by Arsène-Marie Le Feuvre in 1912. This large wall fresco can be found at 5 Boulevard Montmartre, 2nd arrondissement, Paris.

Stained-glass cupola


The cupola of the entrance hall of this building at Place de l’Opéra was created in 1908 to produce a superb stained-glass atrium. The building's architect was Roger Bouvard (1875-1961).

César Assis [Caesar Seated], by Séraphin Denécheau


At Place Vendôme, at number 12, the Chaumet staircase features a statue by Séraphin Denécheau (1831- 1912): Caesar seated, in the process of writing The Gallic Wars.

Floating sculptures by Marta Pan


Movement, plants and organic shapes, simplified to the point of abstraction, inspire Marta Pan's work. This two-part sculpture, exhibited at Maine-Montparnasse, Paris, forms part of the Floating Sculptures series. It was created in 1965.

Pietra, by Enzo Cucchi


Enzo Cucchi is a member of Transavanguardia, Italy’s answer to Neo-expressionism or the "New Image". He painted this canvas in 2017. "What's important with any animal, is how you make it stand on its feet," says Enzo when talking about this oil and acrylic work. This work suggests a kicking horse holding up the mountain.

"One building, one work" charter

In 2015, we participated in creating the "One building, one work" (Un immeuble, une œuvre) program, as one of its founding members. Developed by the Ministry of Culture and Communication, it aims to encourage the commissioning or purchase of a work of art for every new building and renovation. This will give as many people as possible the opportunity to experience or work with a work of art. The desire to improve the quality of life lies at the core of this initiative.

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