Gecina Foundation

Our employees share the commitments made by our Foundation. Our actions are built around their dedication.

Creating a culture of solidarity

We build strong engagement among our employees to enhance our collective reviews on societal issues, helping develop a true “culture of solidarity”. This engagement helps each of our employees to develop their skills and understand the environmental and societal stakes involved.

A foundation to take action

2019 was a key year for the Gecina Foundation because it saw the merger between Gecina’s historic Foundation, created in 2008, and the Ville et Patrimoine Foundation, which it inherited when Eurosic was acquired. Their merger, the only operation of its kind in France, has made our actions more transparent and coherent and significantly strengthened our positive impact on society.

Four areas of work

We open up our CSR approach to civil society in order to go above and beyond our business commitments.

People with disabilities

We aim to improve the living conditions of people with disabilities.

Protecting nature

Our activity focuses on the preservation or rehabilitation of nature sites and biodiversity.

Housing for underprivileged communities

We are committed to facilitating access to housing for as many people as possible

Promoting heritage

Cultural heritage is a rich resource for all of us. Through our actions, we help preserve and promote this heritage.

Committed employees!

The Gecina Foundation encourages and gives our employees the opportunity to actively participate in the associative life of their company. Each project supported by the Foundation is carried out by a mentor who follows it up, shares it and is involved by contributing his or her expertise. 

The Gecina Foundation in three figures

Our commitment and our employees’ engagement are reflected in the concrete results achieved.

As of December 2020

Our flagship projects

Partnership between Fondation du Patrimoine and the Gecina Foundation to secure the Paris Region’s at-risk heritage sites


Fondation du Patrimoine is being supported with €5 million (over 3 years) for the “Plus jamais ça !” program to preserve at-risk heritage sites in the Paris Region.

Participation of 17 of the Gecina Foundation’s partner associations in the 2019 "Vendredi Solidaire"

In 2019, all of Gecina’s employees devoted one day of their work time to support 17 non-profit associations - which were all partners of the Gecina Foundation - mobilized for this day at 25 different sites across the Paris Region.

Supporting the Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque


We have partnered with Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque since 2014. This charity enables children with heart malformations to travel to France to be operated on. In September 2019, €12,000 was raised thanks to the 1,216km covered by our employees during a charity walk.

Governance of the Gecina Foundation 



Collège A

  • Jérôme Brunel, Chair

  • Méka Brunel, Deputy Chair

  • Bernard Carayon, Deputy Chair

  • Frédéric Vern, Secretary

  • Sabine Desnault, Administrator

  • Sonia Lieutier, Administrator

  • Jérôme Engelbrecht, Treasurer

  • Viviane Carbognani-Liotta, Executive Officer


Collège B

  • Alain Le Véel, administrator

  • Bernard Devert, administrator

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