Gecina Foundation

We support the environment and people with disabilities. Our employees share the commitment of our Foundation. Our actions rely on their efforts.

Creating a culture of solidarity

The Gecina Foundation was created in 2008 to give structure to our actions. The Foundation is headed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors. We deeply involve our employees to enhance our Group’s view of societal issues and contribute to developing a true “culture of solidarity”. This commitment helps to develop the skills and understanding required for each environmental and societal challenge.

Two areas of work

We open our CSR approach to non-commercial partnerships to go above and beyond our professional commitments.

People with disabilities

We aim to improve the living conditions of people with disabilities.

Protecting nature

Our activity focuses on the preservation or rehabilitation of nature sites and biodiversity.

The commitment of our employees

Our Foundation provides our employees with the opportunity to engage as volunteers. We fund the projects that they support. Our teams are also entrusted with delivering concrete, timely actions to support our voluntary networks and general interest projects. Additionally, we bring our expertise to our skill-based sponsorship program.

The Gecina Foundation in three figures

Our commitment and that of our employees can be seen in the concrete results we have achieved in environmental and disability issues.

As of December 2018

Our partners


Since its creation, our Foundation has supported 133 projects, with the backing of around 50 partners. We have invested €2.7 million in a wide variety of projects, including parasports, accessibility, animal mediation, conservation of noteworthy sites, support for associations helping disabled children or children with disabling diseases, etc.

Our flagship projects

The Foundation celebrates its 10 year anniversary at Gecina’s “United Friday” event


In 2017, we began an annual charity day with the “United Friday” event. In 2018, 500 employees gathered to offer their contributions to associations and organizations such as the French Forestry Service, the French League for the Protection of Birds, the Handichien (dogs for the disabled) association and the Philharmonie.

Exploring a different side to opera, with the French National Theater of Opéra-Comique (Comic Opera)


For several years, we have been helping Opéra-Comique share the magic of opera with people with disabilities. After all, the joy of song and music can equally be felt via touch and sight !

Supporting the Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque


We have been a partner of the Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque (cardiac surgery organization) since 2014. The organization allows children with heart defects to come to France for surgery. We have also invited our employees to take part in “Heart Breakfasts” to fund surgical procedures.

Governance of the Gecina Foundation 


  • Bernard Carayon, Chair

  • Méka Brunel, Deputy Chair

  • Frédéric Vern, Secretary

  • Viviane Carbognani-Liotta, Executive Officer

  • Jérôme Engelbrecht, Treasurer

  • Sabine Desnault, Administrator

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