Shareholders' Club

The Shareholders' Club strengthens the close relationship we have with our private investors.

Shareholders' Club


We created the Shareholders' Club in April 2018, to foster closer links between our shareholders and our Company’s activity.


Our “Shareholder Relations” team is fully mobilized to provide you with helpful and detailed information about our financial performance. You will be sent the minutes of General Meetings, as well as the Club newsletter. You will receive all our Shareholder publications on a regular basis. These include the Letter to Shareholders, press releases, information about General Meetings, and invitations to visit our real estate assets and to regional information meetings.


Membership of the Shareholders' Club also allows you to benefit from numerous additional advantages. You will be invited to conferences with top experts on topics ranging from Social and Environmental Responsibility, to innovation, "smart cities", and the digital revolution – all key elements of our strategy for 2030. We are convinced that the future can only be built by involving all our stakeholders, by fostering shareholders' understanding of our activities.


Being a Club member also means sharing our Foundation's commitments to protecting the environment, supporting all forms of disability, preserving heritage and facilitating access to housing for as many people as possible. Without forgetting our arts policy to support the finest works of our time.


Our group spirit is embodied in this Club, which is open to any shareholder with:

  • at least 25 administered registered or bearer shares (proof of ownership) 
  • or 10 direct registered shares