Our purpose

Empowering shared human experiences at the heart of our sustainable spaces


Creating, laughing, thinking, exchanging, discussing. Enjoying, studying, educating, innovating, meeting. Producing, resting, caring for ourselves and our families. All human experiences that the men and women who work in our offices or live in our residences experience each day.


At Gecina, we are fortunate to be able to build lasting relationships with our clients: the employees of the businesses who choose our offices, the families, students, and residents who choose our apartments. We want to capitalize on this opportunity to serve them. Because ultimately, the value of these experiences is founded on the rich human connections, the quality of exchanges, the daily care, and the level of service that we have a duty to ensure they benefit from.


Naturally, this ambition is guiding our transformation. We are realigning ourselves around one of the fundamentals of real estate: its human dimension. When we serve our clients, we position ourselves as a partner for their day-to-day lives and their ambitions. When we conceive and develop new buildings and new services, we position ourselves to respond to our clients’ future practices, to anticipate their needs, and to adapt to our constantly evolving society.


We want these living spaces to contribute to an inclusive community and a balanced city within which people can work, live, shop, and relax.


Because we aspire to building long-term relationships, we are committed to providing sustainable and environmentally-responsible living spaces, aligned with the legacies, both small and large, that are forged in these buildings.


The men and women who make up Gecina share these commitments and are focused on empowering shared human experiences at the heart of our sustainable spaces.