We build living spaces in dense urban environments, with one desire in mind: contribute to the preservation of animal and plant biodiversity. We go the extra mile to raise our clients' awareness, so they can continue with our commitment. We strive for sustainable urban development.


The reasons for our commitment  


Biodiversity has found shelter in cities. 1,300 animal species and 637 plant species thrive in Paris. Our responsibility is to protect them so they can continue to flourish. We are key players in urban life. This is why biodiversity is one of the 4 pillars of our CSR policy. Reconnecting human beings with the other living organisms is one of the key challenges of today's and tomorrow's society. We are raising awareness of this issue among our employees and our clients alike.


Our objectives  


  • Reaching 100% of heavy renovation operations labeled BiodiverCity® Construction

  • Ensure a lasting habitat for animal and plant species native to the Paris Basin

  • Involve our occupants in the management of plant species to raise their awareness and create a bond

The beauty of nature in Ville-d'Avray

In Domaine de La Ronce in Ville-d'Avray, we own and operate more than 700 housing units with the utmost attention to biodiversity. Discover

Our performance

Respect for biodiversity and the preservation of species requires not just words but action. And our actions are now bearing fruit. And we want them to be even more fruitful tomorrow.

At December 31, 2022

Our key actions 


We are constantly developing initiatives to promote biodiversity: deployment of a biodiversity sheet (a tool developed by Gecina to assess the contribution of each of its buildings to biodiversity), an inventory of the fauna and flora of the portfolio, systematic intervention by an ecologist for developments, installation of huts, insect hotels and nest boxes in our buildings, etc. We involve our office and residential clients through activities in our buildings in order to develop their awareness of this subject.


  • Mapping of our Paris portfolio with regard to blue-green infrastructure networks

  • Green (planted) patios at "l1ve" with 2,800 m2 of gardens, patios and rooftops

  • Revegetation of an interior courtyard within a building located in Place Vendôme, accessible to the public: 860 m2 of courtyard, the revegetation extends over 500 m2 and includes paths and plots. 65% of the plot has been desartificialised.

  • Active participation in the Biodiversity Impulsion Group (BIG) initiative, a research and collective action program designed to integrate biodiversity issues into the design and management of real estate projects in France.

Our 4 CSR pillars

We make a daily commitment to protect people, the planet, and the environment. Biodiversity is one of the 4 pillars of our CSR policy.

Low Carbon

We are reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and aiming for carbon neutrality by 2030.

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Circular economy

A market that enables the smart reuse of materials, and energy savings, to construct and manage our buildings.

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People are changing their mindsets and ways: we are meeting their expectations by enhancing their wellbeing at work and at home.

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Let’s go a step further

2022 Universal Registration Document

What we are doing for biodiversity, our key figures and how they have changed over time, are detailed in our 2022 Universal Registration Document. Find out more

The impacts of real estate activity on biodiversity

Biodiversity is a major issue, especially in urban environments. In the 2015 Biodiversity report, the impacts are explained along with the viewpoints of experts in the subject. Find out more