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Any CSR policy must be measured and recorded, to go beyond the rhetoric of intent. For us, transparency is challenging and we strive for non-financial excellence. We not only measure the effects of our actions, but we also communicate these ratings and classifications to all our stakeholders.

What experts think of our CSR actions

Our non-financial ratings are given by authoritative independent organizations, which have analyzed our results in detail and in all their dimensions. They are relevant to our stakeholders.

Our reporting is inspired by the major benchmarks


  • The United Nations sustainable development goals, in particular around the SDG "Good health and wellbeing", "Affordable and clean energy", "Sustainable cities and communities", "Fight against global warming"

  • The EPRA guidelines (European Public Real Estate Association) in order to make our non-financial data comparable. We are at the highest level of transparency – Gold level – since 2014

  • The recommendations of the TCFD (Task Force for Climate-related Financial Disclosure). Our reporting is consistent with the guidelines for climate-related reporting proposed in 2017 by this organization

Our other assessments

B- by Oekom, second in our sector

ISS Oekom provides ESG research and ratings for corporations and nations, to identify social and environmental risks and opportunities.

79 out of 100 in DJSI, fourth of our sector

The Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI) is a family of indices that assess and reward the most efficient companies worldwide according to economic, environmental and social criteria. 

1 out of 10 in ISS

We obtained the lowest level of risk in environmental and societal areas granted by the ISS (Institutional Shareholder Services), which assists businesses on these major areas.

4.6 out of 5 on the FTSE4Good, among the 1% best in our sector

The FTSE4GOOD indices are a range of socially responsible stock market indices integrated into the English family of FTSE indices. These are companies whose assessments by the non-financial rating agency are considered satisfactory.

92 out of 100 by EthiFinance (Gaia Index)

EthiFinance is a non-financial analysis and consulting agency specialized in the management of risks and opportunities related to sustainable development. The Gaia Index outperforms the CAC 40 and the CAC Mid & Small indices each year.

60 out of 100 by VigeoEiris, fifth in our sector (2017)

The Vigeo Eiris Group, founded by Nicole Notat in 2002, is an international social and environmental rating agency, specialized in the assessment of companies according to social and environmental criteria and following a specification linked to sustainable development.

Gold level since 2014 at the EPRA

The European Public Real Estate Association has a mission to promote, develop and represent the European public real estate sector, in particular by promoting CSR best practices.

Reliable, representative and verified CSR reporting

In 2018, we mandated an independent auditor, EY, for 3 years to ensure that our CSR reporting is reliable and representative of our environmental, social and societal impacts. It reports on its work to the Audit and Risk Committee. The independence rules are strict. They are identical to the rules of the Board of Auditors.

EY provides the assessment of CSR risks and opportunities according to a robust method. The numbers collected are accurate and consistent with the defined rules. Lastly, the rules on reporting clearly demonstrate the impact of our CSR policy. We are moving in the right direction.

This report is published in the 2018 Registration Document (RD).



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Our cooperation with the experts of our sector


We became aware of the new expectations of our stakeholders as early as 2013, and launched an in-depth consultation with recognized real estate and sustainable urban planning experts to establish the foundations of our transformation. This consultation has lasted for four years. It will be continued.

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