Covid-19 : our actions

We are fully committed faced with the health crisis. The Group is doing everything in its power to protect our employees, suppliers and customers. Under the #UtilesEnsemble banner, we are strongly committed to supporting the national solidarity effort.


Protecting our employees, our suppliers, and our customers 

Since February 27, 2020 various prevention measures have been announced and rolled out across the Group, as well as with our customers and providers. We have notably set up displays in our buildings (lobbies, elevators, communal areas) highlighting the hygiene measures recommended by the health authorities. 


From March 13, 2020 before the lockdown came into force, these measures were reinforced by:

  • Closing our headquarters and setting up all our administrative staff to work from home; 
  • Adapting the work carried out by our staff on the ground and closing the offices of our building superintendents, who are helping organize solidarity between neighbors.


We are protecting and supporting our employees during this difficult period with:

  • An exceptional €1,000 net bonus with their April 2020 pay for our building superintendents and staff, as well as our employees who are helping ensure they have the supplies they need. 
  • The payment of our profit sharing and company performance bonuses under the usual conditions for all staff. 
  • The decision to not use “partial unemployment” measures or require staff to take leave entitlements.

In these unprecedented conditions, our teams’ outstanding mobilization and our Group’s advanced digitalization are enabling us to continue with our activities serving our 100,000 customers and end users. 



Supporting the national solidarity effort

True to our commitments and our company culture, we have rolled out a number of solidarity actions in line with our #UtilesEnsemble label:


  • Offering emergency accommodation for victims of domestic violence with two dedicated women’s charities, Fondation des Femmes and Fédération Nationale Solidarité Femmes; 
  • Working with several hospital associations in Paris to provide free accommodation for healthcare staff; 
  • Providing support for SMEs and very small businesses that may experience difficulties by deferring rent and charges; 
  • Donating two works of art for an online auction, raising almost €50,000 to support the #ProtegeTonSoignant (Protect Your Carer) campaign; 
  • Waiving remuneration for independent directors, in line with the Board of Directors’ decision and as proposed by our independent Board members, for the Board meetings devoted specifically to the Covid-19 epidemic (Coronavirus), to support our Company Foundation’s solidarity actions.
  • the Board of Directors'decision, as proposed by our Chief Executive Officer, to reduce her fixed compensation for 2020 by two months’ salary and the donation of an equivalent amount to the Gecina Foundation to support charities working to fight against coronavirus consequences.

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