When our assets are leased, our mission is to establish and maintain a relationship with our clients built around confidence and trust. That is why all our teams support them over the long term with a personalized approach. Everything is done to make life easier for our clients each day: on-site manager, YouFirst Bureau mobile app serving our office clients, personalized online spaces for our YouFirst Campus and YouFirst Residence clients…


Managing such a diverse portfolio of high-quality assets requires some necessary skills: project management, responsibility for a budget, interpersonal skills, in-depth knowledge of leases… This versatility is essential in order to build a unique relationship with each of our clients.


What activities are involved?

  • Property management 
  • Residence manager and YouFirst Manager
  • Finance and accounting…

Our teams are best positioned to talk about these careers:


  • Discover Maylis de Coincy, Property Manager

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