HR policy


In our demanding and competitive real estate industry, in which the stakes involved require high levels of qualifications, Gecina's ambition is to attract talents for today and tomorrow, trained up on the key issues and able to anticipate emerging trends in order to help create value.
Our company is also firmly focused on training throughout employees’ careers and strongly encourages internal mobility as a way of developing skills and employability.
In 2015, Gecina signed a second career and skills management planning (GPEC) agreement, which aims to define the conditions and resources needed to plan ahead for the skills required and maintain the employability of staff through training, internal transfers and securing individual career paths.
The Group’s Career Management team provides employees with support to help them map out and manage their career goals.




Gecina is committed to ensuring the professional fulfilment of its employees and in particular their work-home life balance. Under various company-wide agreements and processes, the Human Resources department therefore takes particular care to optimize employees’ working conditions, primarily in terms of health and safety and the organization and layout of workspaces.






Our headquarters offers welcoming spaces for meetings and discussions, as well as a quality company restaurant. In addition, specific facilities are provided for employees who take part in sports.







Gecina, which has signed up to the Diversity Charter, is committed to ensuring equal opportunities and treatment for its employees. Through its processes and its actions to build awareness, the HR department strives to combat all forms of discrimination, while ensuring gender equality and promoting the employment of young people, seniors and people with disabilities.
Through the quality of its management-employee dialogue, Gecina also aims to ensure a serene workplace environment.






Over the years, Gecina has set out its commitment to promoting inclusion by signing up to the diversity charter (2011), the parenting charter (2013) and the LGBT charter drawn up by L'Autre Cercle (2015). 

Alongside this, a number of company-wide agreements have been signed to ensure:
- Employment for young people and seniors,
- Gender equality in the workplace,
- Employability for disabled people.



Gecina aims to empower all its employees to think sustainably in order to optimize the impacts of its actions and its performance levels in terms of responsibility.
For Gecina, integrating CSR within the company’s processes first of all means training employees up on its stakes and their development, then engaging them in the Group’s CSR policy, with incentives for them to deploy the Group's strategy, in addition to any individual and department-level objectives.
In this way, CSR is included in the Group’s job descriptions, in the recreational activities offered to employees, in the projects carried out by employees alongside the Gecina Foundation, as well as in our working environment and practices. Illustrating this, our headquarters, located in a HQE In Use and BREEAM certified building, has 100% certified renewable electricity and energy supplies, and has rolled out an environmental approach with indicators for paper consumption (recyclable), means of transport (limiting the carbon footprint), the company restaurant (green restaurant label), etc.