Discover the wide range of careers that our Group offers, the human dimension being central to them all.

Changing roles and jobs

The revolution in how people live and work is changing the real estate business. This is what underlies the strategic shift that we have embarked on. The user client is now the central focus of all our office and residential real estate activities (private housing and student campuses).
To basic technical skills such as general contracting, project management, and legal and financial expertise, we have added client relationship management and a comprehensive range of services driven by our client relationship management buzzword: YouFirst.
This business-model transformation is as challenging for our people and their roles as it is enriching and rewarding. We ensure that everyone in our corporate family – women and men alike – have the opportunity to really progress in their skills and roles.

Key figures

At 31 December 2020

The diversity of what we do


As an investor, developer, manager, and services creator, we support our real estate projects from design to management on a daily basis, working closely with our cross-disciplinary teams. This synergy ensures that our projects are successful. Read more below to discover our professional universe.

Discover our wide range of careers

Our four business divisions and our cross-disciplinary teams work in harmony to tackle all the societal and environmental challenges that face us, to build a more free-flowing and more human city.

Investment and Development

You will be responsible for the development and acquisition and disposal strategies in our real estate markets, and of operational implementation. For development projects, you will oversee new builds and renovations.

Asset Management

You will develop, update and implement the asset value creation strategy for Office and Residential real estate. You will be responsible for 3-5 year business planning and overseeing and auditing the work done by operations teams.


You will be responsible for developing and marketing the rental potential of all real estate assets. For the Offices business, you will also drive the Key Account Management program.

Real estate management

You will be responsible for client relations, profitability, and making the most of the Group's real estate assets. In the field, you will be supported by security services, residence managers, and technical support teams.

Cross-disciplinary functions

You will work synergistically with business and support staff on a daily basis. Human Resources, IT, Legal, Communications & Public Affairs, Marketing & Business Development, Finance & Accounting, CSR & Innovation, Sponsorship & Foundations, General Management, Internal Audit, Risk Management, and Work Environment Jobs.

Professionally stimulating on a daily basis


The enthusiasm of our staff and their desire to emulate helps drive their professional development and inter-team bonding.

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We have new permanent job vacancies in a range of business and support functions, offering various types of contracts.