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Our conviction: Intelligence is collective

Collective commitment, collaborative methods and working with an integrative approach are at the heart of our daily lives. Our approach is suited to curious, adaptable and independent minds, equipped with good relationship skills. The challenges of a changing world are pushing us to go faster, and to better project ourselves, all together. Our headquarters, in the heart of Paris, entirely renovated, is proof of this collective project.

Our HR policy in three figures

At December 31, 2018

Everyone gains autonomy, confidence and comfort

Anoko Lawson, Director of HR Development: "The Company is experiencing a real revival. Everyone, regardless of his or her seniority or status at Gecina, is discovering everything new together: offices, concepts, digital tools. Our open space offices promote dialogue as well as decompartmentalization. Employees spontaneously circulate between the floors and appropriate new work spaces with ease or engage in friendly conversations”.

Training in line with major challenges


Training is the cornerstone of our HR policy. All of our employees have been trained in 2018, for an average amount of €4,391 invested per employee. For example, some 40 employees were able to participate in creativity workshops in our portfolio buildings projects. They integrated new client uses and urban densification into these projects. We are committed to developing our employees’ skills and careers. Depending on your position, you’ll benefit from a wide range of training courses, in particular asset management. We provided our residential and office personnel with customer relations training.



PEPS: Encouraging leadership


Since October 2018, we’ve implemented a critical building block of our transformation: the PEPS program. The objective of this 17-month on-site and distance support, is to enable all our managers to truly evolve: they got to better know each other and improve their leadership talents. Know how to lead, advance, delegate, mobilize our employees, develop talent internally, be exemplary. This is how we express our willingness to offer true professional growth to all of our employees.

PEPS in figures

As of December 31, 2018

Our choice: employee shareholder


Wholly committed to our collective project, 86% of our employees are shareholders. This ensures that our teams share in our strategy and our ambition. On the other hand, 15.8% of the payroll is dedicated to participation, profit-sharing and matching.

Our success is everyone's success.


At the center of our daily lives: environmental issues

Our environmental approach is at the heart of our daily lives.

100% of the staff participated in workshops on climate change. CSR objectives are assigned to each employee, regardless of their status and their job.

Our CSR commitments

Our disability policy


We act for diversity and equal opportunity. All our positions are open to people with disabilities, whether motor, visual, auditory, psychiatric, intellectual/mental or even whether it is a debilitating disease.

New arrival

Joining us, is choosing a human experience. As soon as you join us, we will train you to use our tools. To meet our team: bimonthly mornings and an annual integration day. New arrival, you are known and recognized.

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